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Between Land and Light: Nature through the Eyes of Two Artists

By Hilary Roper & Pete Smith.

Hilary Roper, author and illustrator of children’s books, poetry & fine artist. Dip Art & Design. Cert Ed, Art, Design & English, Leeds University.
Peter Smith BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awardee.

‘The poetry alongside is often sharper, more explicit than the paintings with a great feeling for wind, water and air. ‘Love is a goshawk wheeling in high limits, turning, tossing into freefall, feeling…’’ The Guardian

Hilary depicts fractal patterning in her trees, chaotic movement in flow, spiralling atmospheres, braided rivers and gravity in wild landscapes. As an illustrative fine artist, she paints in Designer’s Gouache. Her landscapes are in oils using palette knives and fine brushes. She plays with thick, textural patterning, yet fine linear detail.

Hilary studied in the archives of the Harris Museum, Preston, the Judges Lodgings Museum, Lancaster and Martin Mere Wild Fowl Trust. Colour interaction is always magical. It is a scientific fact that colour lifts the endorphins.

‘She tempts animation through her characters, draws chaos in her patterning, charisma in her rationale, empathy in her stories and humour in her illustrations.’
The Guardian.

This nature book has more than 250 images of natural wildlife in it including, birds, landscapes, animals, reptiles, butterflies, seascapes and flowers in the form of photographs or paintings. It also has some of Hilary’s poetry in it. It is a treasure book. Each day paints a different coruscating light with colour interaction that shimmers into a thousand prisms. Hilary’s eye and mind will mull over just what linear detail, impressionistic light and colour opposites are at play at any one moment in the day. This unique book is beautiful and uniquely executed.

Between Land and Light: Nature through the Eyes of Two Artists
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